IKBC The International Korean Business Centre is a comprehensive one-stop service for worldwide companies and individuals interested to trade and explore opportunities with the DPR of Korea.

          IKBC has its main headquarters in Pyongyang, and external offices in Thailand and Spain. IKBC is an official DPRK organization, not an agent.
          The business center is composed by DPRK Government Officials, with more than 15 years experience and experts in the fields of foreign relations, international trade and banking.
           We have a comprehensive assistance and financial network inside and outside the DPR of Korea backed by the highest Ministries and Embassies of the Republic.

           Our focus are imports, exports and Joint Ventures in any economical field.
We will study the feasibility of your proposal and guide you in the feasibility, preparation, maintenance and success of your project.

IKBC Business Agent in the EU country of Finland,  Mr. M.Sc. (Econ.)  Mika Reinikainen telephone +358 (0)40 3736563.